From her ODH mom: Tori lived with me and her 3 ODH siblings for 1 year and 5 months. TORI was one of those dogs who got along with everyone – dogs, cats, people – and did whatever she was told – she had perfect manners.

In addition to her other medical issues, she was diagnosed with Cushing’s  Disease in January 2016, and an ultrasound showed she had not one but THREE  tumors involving her pituitary gland and both adrenal glands – TORI got the
trifecta. We started her on medication and all of her clinical signs  went away – her and our spirits rose again.

This Thursday was sunny and warm, so we all spent the afternoon in the  front yard – I planted my flower pots, and the dogs lounged on the lawn. My TORI’adore spent the time rolling in the grass or camped out on the front porch enjoying her world view – it was a very good day. A few hours later, one of her adrenal tumors apparently eroded through a blood vessel, and she collapsed suddenly with blood leaking into her abdomen. She stayed alert until I was able to get her to the ER where we said goodbye to TORI, forever my TORI’adore. She was 14 years old.

A huge thank you to Old Dog Haven (and all the donors) for making it possible for my TORI’adore to receive all the care and comfort she needed as a Final Refuge Dog. She was much loved, and now much missed.