Yes! That is a cat on the right hand side!

We would like to introduce you to Tribble the shih tzu and his best friend Truffle the cat.
Tribble is an 8 year old boy who weighs 11 pounds. Truffle is a 13 year old long haired cat who weighs 13 pound. These friends have lived their lives together since Tribble was a puppy and they hope to remain together. Truffle and Tribble’s lifetime owner passed away unexpectedly.  Extended family cannot keep them so they are hoping to find a loving, caring forever home for them.

Tribble sounds like a pretty mellow fellow. He is good with other dogs and cats. He is fine with older children but can get nervous when kids get too rowdy or noisy. Truffle lived with other cats when he was younger. The belief is that he could join a family where there is another cat as long as that cat is welcoming.

The pair lived with a retired person, they were accustomed to her being around but they have not shown any issues being left alone. No doubt with each other as company, they will be happy. Tribble can manage a few hours before he needs a potty break and he is potty pad trained if he needs to hold it for longer than he should have to hold it. Truffle is an INDOOR ONLY cat who is litterbox trained.

As is with any potential adoption, one should be committed to the lifelong care of each animal. Regular vet care and in Tribble’s case, Apoquel given for allergies and daily eye drops need to be factored in. Shih tzu require regular grooming as well. We are told that Truffle has had bladder/UTI issues for which the food he is on help. All of this needs to be continued to keep both cat and dog healthy and comfortable.

Tribble was a certified therapy dog for years doing nursing home visits as well as visits with hospice patients. We are told with COVID, he has lost some of those skills but it is believed he could be retrained and recertified if the proper motivation (treats!) were given. Tribble will bark to let you know someone has arrived to his home but quiets down quickly. He is described as being well-mannered. Tribble loves people, animals and has a sweet, playful demeanor.

Truffle is a mellow cat who loves to find different soft surfaces in the house to sleep on. He will try to “grab” your hands when he wants attention. Truffle is a very sweet, handsome boy!

Both Truffle and Tribble like to play. Tribble with his toys and Truffle with a laser light, catnip toys and scratching posts. Tribble enjoys walks but can get excited and pull on leash some. He can manage stairs at this time. The pair love hanging out with their people, enjoying warm laps and getting to go to bed with their humans.

These friends miss their human. Truffle and Tribble are ready for a quiet home where they can stay together. They sound like a lovely pair who will make a great addition to a family.

Tribble and Truffle are located in Mt. Vernon, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. They are not under Old Dog Haven’s care. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 



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