Tucker, one of the world’s most charismatic Lab mixes, wasn’t finding an adopter at a shelter – perhaps because he was described as an old, slow-moving guy who just needed a warm place to lay his head… When he arrived, he bounded off with great energy and athletic ability and it was clear that he was NOT geriatric at all. Surprise! We don’t know if his reported age was correct, but he’s a vibrant guy with a gleaming coat and great love for chasing squirrels, birds, moles, whatever. He unfortunately did arrive with a serious case of ringworm which took months to clear, and then the allergic reactions began. After much effort, Tucker’s health stabilized, though he still insists on charging through the underbrush and getting things stuck in his eyes. Doggles to the rescue! Tucker is a completely gentle sweetheart with lovely manners. He is a good traveling companion and enjoys joining Dad at work. Everyone he meets is enchanted. We hope that he really is a younger dog than advertised, so we can have many more years with him.

Update:  At the grand old age of 18 (according to his previous owner), after 5-1/2 years being loved in his ODH home, Tucker’s body just gave out.     He was strong and mobile until the very last week, still patrolling his property and “retrieving” rabbits and birds….    We are so glad this wonderful gentleman graced our family for so long – they don’t come much nicer than Tucker and we will miss him terribly.