“INVINCIBLE is my name! Well, I’m called Vince for short but Invincible does suit me after all I have been through. I am in need of a new home and as soon as possible because my person is moving and I can’t go along.

“Six years ago my person found me on the side of a freeway; I’d been hit by a truck. My leg needed to be reattached to my body! The doctors didn’t want to save me but my person told them he wanted them to try and thanks to him, I am here, with all of my limbs functional! It took time and a lot of rehabilitation but I am able to walk and do my business (appropriately, outside!).

“I love other dogs but need to live with those who won’t play roughly with me. I live with another dog and we get along just fine. I have been a snuggle buddy to 3 cats; they love my luxurious fur! I am good with kids of all ages but it’s best if the children are old enough to know how to be gentle to me.

“I am a shy, sensitive fellow who will hide from loud banging noises. I startle easily but never react in an aggressive way. My person will tell you I have PTSD from my accident.  He keeps me away from traffic and cars. I enjoy a fenced yard to sniff around in. I don’t require much exercise but if you take me out on leash, I behave and go potty.

“Every morning I give a cute half-bark to say “thanks” for my breakfast. Aside from that I don’t bark. I can do stairs and stay inside the house, minding my manners when my person leaves. Of course once I find a new home I will need some time to learn that you will return to me.

“My person will tell you how special, how loving, gentle and loyal I am. He hates to have rehome me but I am not his service dog, he can only take his service dog with him. If you can’t adopt me, can you please tell your friends about me to help me find a home?”

Vince is located in Ellensburg, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.