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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!



Violet Rose, a very tiny little Chihuahua, was rescued from the shelter and there was no history of any kind.  The staff at the shelter who realized she had a serious disability, contacted Old Dog Haven. Violet Rose was evaluated by a Neurologist and diagnosed with C1-C5 myelopathy.  Her gait is very unusual.  Basically, she cannot walk but she does hop some.  At under 4 lbs, she was emaciated which caused generalized muscle atrophy.  The cause is unknown. She also had a large inguinal hernia and ultrasound showed she needed a spaying.  In addition, she had dental disease.

As soon as was possible, Violet Rose was seen by a surgeon and had the spay and hernia repair.  She did well with anesthesia despite having a neurological disability.  Currently, she is recovering and will next need dental surgery. We will do what we can to help her with her mobility.  The neurologist’s goal is for her to develop enough strength to get a wheelchair – but we don’t yet know if that will be possible.

Despite all her challenges, Violet Rose is a very curious little dog that is slowly gaining weight and loves to sit on laps, enjoy the company of other dogs and car rides.  Also, she really wants to walk and she seems to know what it would be like to walk.  The neurologist believes that her inability to walk was was the result of trauma, so she wasn’t born that way. To see her run around with a specialized wheelchair to accommodate her knuckling feet would be wonderful. Violet Rose has a chance for a rewarding future with the help of Old Dog Haven and those who sponsor the permanent fosters.

Update: Update:  On Violet Rose has now had her dental surgery.  She was able to handle the anesthesia.  She had about 18 teeth extracted and a cleaning.  Because of her lack of dental care in the past, the vet identified that her jaw bone was so thin it is fractured.  The good news is that it will heal.  Having dental work will help  Violet Rose stay healthier.   Being so malnourished, it is a challenge to have her gain weight.  Finally, her permanent foster family found a food that  she loves and should help her gain weight.   Most important, she loves it!  Now, Violet Rose is excited to eat all her meals.  A continuing challenge is her motor skills.  She wears shoes during the daytime and with a yoga strap to support her lower abdomen, she can walk some.  Violet Rose is a very happy girl.

Violet Rose

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