The magnificent Boo (aka Bub-Bub) was an approximately 12 year old stray that ended up in a shelter foster home. Boo managed to wiggle his way into the sights of ODH as he had an alphabet soup of problems which made him unadoptable. Lucky us, lucky Boo – he landed into our arms from the great ODH transporter Bob (thanks again!).

Off to the vet he went, where they found a heart murmur, enlarged heart, luxating patellas, urinary stones, gallbladder stones, and that he was deaf. Then off to the cardiologist for an echocardiogram for a mitral valve click and serious hypertension, then off to surgery for a cystotomy, and then of course, a dental. Whew!

You wouldn’t know it by Boo’s outlook on life. He’s the first one for a walk with a tail that swings like a sail, leading the way. He loves playing with our Shih Tzu (we call them ‘the twins’) and snuggling with our big old Labrador. Boo has found his way into all of our hearts. It would not of happened without your support of Old Dog Haven. You saved a life.

Update from Boo’s Final Refuge Mom:  It’s been a year now since Boo completed our unruly ruffians of four and he ended up being such a joy. With routine and helping him feel safe, he let go of bowl-guarding and his reactivity towards children. Boo blossomed into a sweetheart who dances for his walks with my visiting grandson and for anything involving treats! He faithfully waits at our front gate whenever we leave (unless it’s inclement weather, then he’s curled up inside snoozing, dreaming of treats).

He’s a surveyor of all the goings-on in the house from his corner of the couch. And he’s commandeered his special spot on our bed (who knew so many doggies could fit in one place?). Boo is certainly slowing as all old dogs do – his enlarged heart, luxating patellas, and arthritis have limited his endurance, but with the ongoing great care he receives from ODH and our wonderful vets Boo continues to love mightily. Thank you for providing support for all the wonderful ODH Final Refuge dogs!

Final Update:  Our sweet curmudgeon lived three and a half years with us, filling it up with joy on his terms.  We are so lucky to have had the chance of sharing our lives with our Boo-Boo.

A very happy Boo!

Relaxing inside too

the unruly ruffians