Wee Beastie (Norfolk Terrier formerly known as “Sarah”)

It was bitter cold living on the streets in the Winter. Food was hard to find. This little girl lost 2/3 of her body weight and the snow kept falling.  She was scared of every sound, but a warm voice called to her to come in out of the cold. She crept forward and allowed herself to be picked up.  The nice lady wrapped her in a towel, warmed her up, and the next thing she knew she was in a cage in a noisy shelter. Off the streets, but scared.

She was deemed unadoptable by the shelter due to advanced age, medical issues, and a tendency to growl and nip when some of the staff handled her.  Old Dog Haven was called. We didn’t have anyone lined up to take her into a final refuge home, but knew we needed to get the scared, half-starved Norfolk Terrier out of there ASAP.

A temporary foster family took her home, got her spayed and some mammary masses removed, but she was still very frightened, didn’t like to be handled, and was quick to growl and nip.  When permanent final refuge home arrangements fell through, Sarah’s temporary foster folks decided to open their hearts and home as a final refuge for the little girl.

Sarah’s new life & name:  Over the next few months, Sarah gained all her weight back and thanks to the generous support of ODH donors, got the medical care she needed.

Shortly after recovering from being spayed and the removal of mammary masses, her heart murmur grew and triggered an episode of congestive heart failure. Now stabilized by medication and the love and care of her final refuge folks, she’s proved to be a fighter with a strong will to live. She’s recently discovered the joy of toys!

Continuing to lash out in fear, she’s earned her nickname “Wee Beastie.” There’s still lots of growling, nipping, and barking…but now it’s often followed by a little lick, as if she’s saying, “I’m sorry!”

She seems to enjoy her new name and wears it like a badge of honor.

Update:  Sadly this little girl’s health worsened quickly and her family had to let her go.  She had made great strides in just 13 months, and will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

At the shelter

Loves to snuggle

Practicing Zen