Esther came to ODH after 3 weeks in a crowded shelter, where she was surrendered as a stray.   She was under weight and her teeth were rotten and infected.  She had various masses on her head, feet, and face, but most surprising was, at approximately 13 years of age, she hadn’t been spayed!

Esther made her way to her forever home by way of some lovely fosters, who gave her a haven while she was evaluated for kennel cough before going to meet her new family.

Once she made it to her new forever home, Esther wasted no time in making herself comfortable.  She loves exploring her new house and yard.  Her eyesight isn’t very good, but she’s managed to find her way around and can easily locate one of the many dog beds for her morning snooze.  At night she wants to be on the big bed with me and fur-brother, Remy.

Esther met with the wonderful vets and staff at our local vet, and she was soon scheduled to be spayed, have the suspicious lumps removed as well as all 6 of her remaining teeth.  She came through the 3-hour surgery like the trooper she is and was feeling better soon after.

Now that the hard part is over, she can live her best life going forward. Esther loves to be held and would prefer a nice lap to curl up in over a bed any day.  She squeaks her request to be picked up and rarely takes no for an answer.

Esther is a petite little girl, weighing in at just under 7 pounds.  She’s a beauty who needs some girly-girl clothes to keep her warm in the coming winter months and I can’t wait to take her shopping!

She is a great car passenger and an excellent swimmer; she is a messy eater and tolerant of baths.  She sleeps through the night and is doing her best to be potty trained.  What more could a mother ask for?

Update:  Little Esther was a joy to her Final Refuge mom and will be greatly missed.  Her health failed her suddenly and her mom had to say goodbye.  Esther had lots of wonderful lap time and soaked up so much love.