Wilbur landed in the shelter when his family realized they had far more pets than they could care for. His condition confirmed that, unfortunately, and he showed that he’d been living in a stress situation. His ears and skin were terribly infected and damaged but have started improving steadily with a lot of care by our vet and his ODH mom.

He gets along wonderfully with the family’s dogs and cats, loves walks, still gets a little barky with excitement, and gets lots of points for being great about being bathed. Good boy!



Before Wilbur came in to Old Dog Haven’s care, he lived outside on his own. When he arrived in his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home, he chose a couch in the house to call his own. Wilbur did love to sleep on that couch, but he also loved to be out socializing. He went on daily neighborhood walks, to micro breweries, on car trips, stayed in hotels, and visited businesses that allowed dogs.

He always enjoyed going to the vet for attention and care, and he had to be bribed to leave with treats. He adored his dog brother and sister, and he was lovely with the resident cats. Wilbur was quite exuberant about eating and barked like crazy at mealtime, running around the kitchen in circles.  He was a sweet and joyful dog, but the tumor by his leg grew to a size that made mobility uncomfortable and painful.

He was sent on his way with love while napping on his favorite couch.