“Mr Willie, Twinkle Toes, Big Man on Campus” (names each longer than he) was a stray and sent to the shelter. Willie was a popular pomeranian breed but considered ‘ancient’ at 13 years with health issues. Thus ODH became involved. Gotta love them for what they do.

“Tiny Tot” (yes, the names keep coming) was as light as a feather weighing six pounds.  Blind in one eye, hard of hearing,  a bad back that looked like an upside down U, and rear legs walking like a drunken sailor (he hasn’t mentioned yet his years in the Navy). To top it all, a severely damaged heart and fluid in the lungs. We said yes immediately.
Our great vets went to work right away. ECHO was done immediately and we’ve had frequent visits so far. Cardiac and pain meds worked their wonders after a few days. It was lovely to hear the quiet as Willie had suffered coughing loud and long in the beginning. And with his diuretic, he’s a proud fountain of yellow.

“Sweet Tart” now goes on his daily walks with some of our small furry buds. Our big ones tried to figure out if Willie’s a skinny cat but they gave him ‘paws up’. He loves to jump on the couch and snuggle into his blankets so he can watch all the nuttiness our clan provides. Willie wanders around our big yard in search of of squirrels (the varmints just laugh at Willie).

And he knows when it’s bedtime as he gathers up his toys and places himself amongst them on his big pad.

If all this ended because no one came for Willie at the shelter, none of the rest would have happened here. It is fortunate that Old Dog Haven began years ago and donors continued to provide.

Thank you so very much for such a little old dog.

Update from Willie’s family:  “Our dear small six pound pomeranian Willie could break glass with his bark. It was amazing just to realize how much it took to make that joy in him. Sitting on his comfy tuffet in the corner of the couch where many have sat, Willie enjoyed watching everyone. Rain or shine, he liked to go on his walks and then cuddle up in our arms.

“Despite all the help ODH provided and continuing changes by our vets to keep our little love bug going, Willie let us know he was done.

“A blessing that we had him for those few months and a sadness that he couldn’t stay.”

Day 1

Feeling much better now!

Nap time is wonderful!