Onion is a GORGEOUS brindle mixed breed girl- a pit bull with perhaps bulldog?-who arrived at a local shelter in very bad shape. In spite of her poor physical condition, Onion’s lovely, sweet and gentle temperament made everyone who met her at the shelter fall in love. Old Dog Haven was asked to find a Final Refuge home for Onion because she was not going to be an adoption candidate. We were happy to shelter pull Onion and bring her under our rescue.

Onion has multiple health issues that need addressing. She has never been spayed and because of that, she has a mammary tumor that needs removal. We will hope for no recurrent mammary masses but we know from a lot of experience, that chance is high. Apparently bred for beauty, no one took into consideration how deformed her limbs may be. She is very slow moving and we hope with some joint supplement and pain medication (possible anti-inflammatories) on board, she will move much more comfortably. Onion has suffered from probable life-long neglect; her skin needs extra care and her mouth has extra gum tissue that may be removable. As with almost every single dog Old Dog Haven takes into care, she needs a dental as well!

This wonderful old gal has a loving permanent foster home with another Old Dog Haven bulldog (mix?) named Bee as well as a resident senior dog she’s made friends with. Her foster reports that Onion found all the comfy dog beds to nap in and settled in happily.

Onion’s care will be covered through donations to Old Dog Haven. We have committed to her life-long care and we are very happy that Onion has such a loving home with her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge foster. Onion will never be homeless again!

Update:  After over two years in her wonderful home, it was time to say goodbye to dear Onion.  She relished every day with her Final Refuge family and will be greatly missed.

Onion waiting at the shelter

Onion settled in with her sleeping buddies – right at home!