Winona landed in a big shelter looking really pathetic, a very sad old lady whose back legs were just barely working.     She obviously didn’t know why she was there and really really didn’t want to be.    Once in her ODH home, it took a while to come out of her shell.   Her ODH mom and her new “sibling” worked hard at showing her that life would be OK and little by little her personality came out and her confidence returned.     Now her favorite thing is going out for a pupuccino (hey, she is old but she’s not stupid!).   Medications have helped her mobility a great deal and so has gentle exercise.    She’s a happy member of the family now which really makes us smile.

Update: In early spring Nona began to have unusual neurologic symptoms; several specialists saw her and no definitive diagnosis was made. She was put on a number of medications and did very very well for about 2 months until it overtook her suddenly.     Such a happy girl with her family that loved her a great deal – and of course those puppy whips (pupuccinos)!