Brandy is a miniature dachshund who was taken to the shelter at age 14 to be euthanized when her human could no longer care for her. After being examined by vet Brandy had a clean bill of health except for a very large mass on her chest and two other small growths. Because of Brandy’s age and the large mass she was not considered adoptable, so began her journey with Old Dog Haven.

Thanks to ODH donors, Brandy was able to have the surgery to remove the large mass on her chest as well as the small lipoma on her muzzle and the other small mass. She also had a much needed dental with several tooth extractions. The mass on her chest weighed close to 1 pound and thankfully was benign. Up until the surgery, the mass had been so large that it nearly scraped the ground!

Yes, Brandy still has a few issues such as separation anxiety, fear of loud/sudden noises, and arthritis in her front legs which had to carry all that extra weight for so long.

But now, with the large mass removed, Brandy can enjoy activities that she couldn’t before the surgery. She likes laying on warm clothes straight out the dryer, going on walks and rolling in the grass, and sleeping in her human’s bed. On her walks it’s adorable how she tries to catch bees in the grass.

Brandy may have a frosty face (she looks like a raccoon at night with her eyes) but she still has plenty of energy!

Update:  Suddenly dear Brandy’s age caught up with her and her wonderful family had to send her on.  She was a real love and all that a doxie should be.   She will be greatly missed.