“Hi, my name is Woofy. I think I am about 12 years old. My foster mom calls me the Magnificent Bat Pug! I am deaf and blind, but don’t let that worry you. As long as you keep things in the same place, I can get around anywhere. The first day I was with my foster mom, she thought I could see because I was zipping around every where. I rarely bump into anything. I can sense if there is something there….thus the bat name. Once I know my way, I like to figure things out myself. If you help me too much, I get confused. I continue to awe folks because I get around so well. If you want me to follow, you can gently tap me behind one of my ears!

“I spent quite a bit of time as a stray on the streets, so I did adjust to being outside. I love to go for walks with my buddy, Lulu. If it is a long walk, I get to ride in a stroller! You can take me with you in the car, too. As long as I am with someone, I am so happy.

“I like all kinds of people and dogs. I am very friendly and well behaved. However, given a choice, I wouldn’t mind being alone or maybe with just one dog; I really do love being in the spotlight! It’s been so long since anyone has paid attention to me that I absolutely love to be spoiled! The first time I got kisses I kind of freaked out because I didn’t know what they were, now you can kiss me all you want! I sleep next to my foster mom and it is so cozy. I love to cuddle up next to her anywhere and I tend to follow her everywhere. I think it’s because I can’t believe I am in a home with a human who loves me. I can’t wait to be in a forever home! I am very quiet, however, I do bark if I can’t find my foster mom or I get stuck somewhere. I tend to howl very quietly when I am left alone. I guess that’s what is called separation anxiety. Please be patient with me, I still get scared that this is not real and I will be tossed back on the street.

“I had a few teeth pulled, but I can eat just fine. In fact, that’s one of my favorite past times! I love an occasional treat, but I do need to watch my figure. The vet said I should shed a few pounds. Considering my past and my age, I am in great shape, especially if you like wrinkles! I do have dry eye so I will need a prescription medication for that.

“I am completely house-trained. I just need to go out after I eat and at regular intervals.

If you adopt me, you will have a loyal and very loving companion. I am so excited to have a forever home!’

Woofy is posted for Pacific Pug Rescue in Portland Oregon.  For more information please email adoptions@pacificpugrescue.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.