What can we say about Lil’ Zoe? All she wants is to be loved, period. Zoe is a beautiful 10 year old senior pug who is short in stature with tiny little legs and who weighs in at 13 pounds, but her heart and soul are as big as the moon. It took Zoe only a couple of days to adjust to her foster home and once she did a beautiful gentle personality emerged. She loves to sleep and cuddle on the couch or in her soft doggie bed surrounded by a blanket, and will always want to be in view of her owners. Every once in a while there is a burst of energy and she will happily follow you through the house, but her favorite place is on the couch with her family full of love, snuggles and lots of reassuring licks.

She has an eye drop that will be need to be administered twice daily to keep the right eye lubricated. Zoe also has a tracheal cough (common among pugs at this age) that must be watched, with cough medicine administered as needed. Because of this coughing condition, Zoe is forever an indoor girl who cannot get overexerted or stressed. Zoe is housetrained. A perfect match would be a retiree who wants a lap dog custom made for the job, or a calm household with someone almost always nearby during the day.

Zoe is located in Portland, Oregon with Pacific Pug Rescue.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.