Zoe and Chloe are not twins – they are sibling Labradoodles –  but don’t tell them that because they have been together for 12 years and they think we can’t tell them apart!

Both girls are 12 years old and they each weigh 50 pounds. These dogs are everything you would expect in a Labradoodle.  They are easy going, gentle, kind, affectionate, loving, loyal, beautiful, funny, and sweet.

Zoe and Chloe are active and athletic dogs and though they love to hang out with you they do require at least two nice walks per day.  They like to ride in the car, like hiking and camping, and will be your very best friends.

You will fall in love with them when you meet them.

Rebecca’s Rainbow will only adopt Zoe and Chloe to a home where they can remain together.

Having a bonded pair of dogs is such a blessing.  For two Labradoodles to come into rescue is quite unusual.

Zoe and Chloe are fostered in Kirkland, WA.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.