In my continuing effort to become enlightened by old dogs I decided to ask several Old Dog Haven dogs if they would help me change a light bulb. Here are their answers:


BENNETT: “Change a light bulb? Are you kidding? As you can see, we’re ready to watch my namesake kick some butt. No time for light bulbs. Just Seahawks football.





SQUIRREL: “Can’t you see that I’m at the pub? I’m guarding this beer for my mom and I can’t leave right now. Besides it’s much more interesting here than whatever you’re doing.”






CORRIE: “Yeah, I see the cookie but I’m still not changing the light bulb. I’m a Corgi: the Queen’s dog. Royalty NEVER changes light bulbs. We have people to do that.”





BAILEY: “See, I’ve got this modeling gig and right now I’m doing a little practicing on the runway. There aren’t any light bulbs here anyway.”







BECKY: “No, no, no. I can’t leave now. I’m waiting for room service to clear the dishes and bring dessert.”





JERRY: “What is it about the fact that I’m sound asleep that escapes you? Would you want someone to wake you up to change a light bulb? It can wait for somebody else to do it. I need my beauty sleep.”





HERMEY AND WILSON: “Hey, we’re at the vet waiting for our appointment. We can’t just go running off to change light bulbs. Besides, they give treats here and we don’t want to miss our goodies.”




MILLIE: “Do I look like I’m dressed to change light bulbs? No, I’m not wearing those shoes; they don’t fit because they’re human shoes and besides, they certainly don’t go with my outfit. Good luck with the light bulb.





WILBUR: “Do you really think I’d leave this beautiful beach to go and change a light bulb> C’mon. No chores today. Just play.”






KENJI: “I just got here and already you want me to do stuff? This is my brand new forever home. Give me a chance to settle in and we’ll talk. Or not.”







REGGIE: “Huh? What do you want me to change it into? I don’t do magic tricks. I don’t get it.”






ODIE: “Ok, so listen up. I’ve heard what the rest of the dogs have to say. Don’tcha get it? Old Dog Haven dogs do NOT change light bulbs. Our job is to be the light. We don’t need bulbs.




Have a great week everyone. Walk lightly. Light the way for someone else. And, most importantly, hug and old dog and share the light.  

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