Leslee and Sadie

A few weeks ago I wrote about Old Dog Haven’s dedicated Final Refuge foster families and this week I thought you might like to meet a woman and a dog that are marvelous examples of the kind of commitment, transformation and love I’m talking about.

Here’s what Leslee has to say about her journey with Sadie:



“In July I celebrated Sadie’s second birthday in our family. I still remember the day we picked her up and how emaciated she was, her body was covered in sores and she had hardly any hair. She had so many visible scars on her body it just made me cry.




“It has been such an amazing journey to watch Sadie overcome so many obstacles. She was pretty much terrified of her own shadow. Sadie still has a fair degree of anxiety, but I am so amazed at how far she has come. She has gone from frail, sickly and scared with pure fear in her eyes to a shiny, healthy and happy lady. Now you can now see the love in her eyes.






“I feel so privileged to have been able to bring Sadie home that day; she is my daily inspiration that you can overcome so many difficulties in your life if you just keep on fighting. These pictures show how far Sadie has come. I love and adore this lady more then I can say.






“Old Dog Haven is an old dog’s angel! That is truly how I feel, and I am honored to be a Final Refuge home for Old Dog Haven. I know that Sadie may not have gotten this chance in life without help from this amazing program. With sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart…….Thank you.”

Sincerely,  Leslee



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