I understand that today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day so I got to thinking about why some people do or don’t dress up their dogs.

I did a little research and found a few theories: Is your dog the child you never had? Is your need to show people you care about your dog so strong you need to dress your dog in cute costumes? Is dressing up your dog an attempt to humanize him/her?  Does your dog wear a sweater just to keep warm?

I could go on, but once I waded through all of the psycho-babble about what this very practice could mean, I finally decided that the answer is … who knows? And, more to the point … who cares what it means?

But, we should honor the day, so in order to do that, here are a few Old Dog Haven dogs dressed up to celebrate … whatever.


Benjamin Button says he doesn’t like hats…but he looks pretty spiffy in one!

Arwen celebrates while she works the crowd!

Francesca is always well dressed when she visits the vet


Christmas jammies for Phoebe

Noni is pretty styling in her new sweater!

























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