Now that we’re about to officially start a new year most people have goals they hope to accomplish in 2019. I figured our dogs might have a few goals too so I asked 10 Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dogs about their goals for the year. Here’s what they had to say:


Pierre:  Among Pierre’s many pleasures are walks in the woods, so his goal is to convince his foster family that more than one walk a day is necessary for his health and well-being.





Mookie:  Mookie loves sleeping in the big bed and his goal for the year is to take up as much room as possible so anyone else sleeping in the bed has to find their own space and share with him.





Zelda:  Zelda is very fond of puppuccinos and would like to make sure that she receives many of them  in 2019.






Griffin:  Griffin’s goal … as is his Seahawk namesakes … is to do well in the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl.





Raven:  Raven just loves stuffed animals and his goal for the year is to have the biggest collection in the neighborhood.






Spike:  Spike loves to pay fetch and his goal for the year is to get his family to play with him constantly  so he doesn’t have to be so creative about throwing the toy himself.





Cassie:  Cassie loves cuddling, kissing and playing. She’s not sure which activity she enjoys more, but  she’d like more hours in the day so she can do all of them much more often.






Noni:  Noni loves going camping with her family and her goal is to get them to go more often so she  can do more exploring and meeting new people.





Sissy:  Sissy really likes birds and her goal is to convince her family to install more bird feeders in the  yard so she has more birds to watch. Oh, and she promises she won’t bark at them.




Hawkeye:  Hawkeye is a very social guy that especially loves kids and representing ODH at events. His goal for 2019 is to attend as many events as possible and schmooze with every kid he meets.

Happy New Year from all of us at Old Dog Haven.

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