As kids we’re taught that sharing is a good thing and that concept often follows us through adulthood because many people are very good at sharing, whether it’s time, money or anything else that’s “shareable.”

Old Dog Haven is good at sharing too. If you look at our website ( or our Facebook or Instagram pages you’ll find that we share our mission, our gratitude to people who support our cause, our joys, and most importantly we share our dogs. It’s all about the dogs.

With that thought in mind I’d like you to meet two of our newbies that are now sharing their lives with their Old Dog Haven foster families.

Widget, perhaps a shih tzu or lhasa apso mix,came to us from a local shelter. Records show that she was brought to the shelter in 2011 as a stray where she was spayed and adopted. She showed up on the streets again in January, 2020 and was once more brought to the shelter. This time ODH was called and she came to us. We think she’s about 12 years old.

Now, after baths, grooming, and regular feeding she weighs about 11.5 pounds–a much better weight for her.

Her foster family says: “Her little face always seems surprised, and she shows a little attitude about having her nails trimmed or wearing a sweater, but other than that she seems to be starting to accept us as kind humans. It does make you wonder what this poor little thing has been through.  We are very glad to have her in our home and watch her transformation and her developing personality. Thank you Old Dog Haven for making sure this girl gets the very best veterinary care and a loving home.”

And then there’s Shadow, an 11-year-old bichon frise that was brought to the shelter the week before Christmas by his human companion who couldn’t afford to care for him any longer. Shadow had open sores covering most of his left side, missing teeth and worrisome blood test results. He coughed, sneezed and was generally miserable.

When Shadow arrived at his forever home he was scared and confused. He whimpered and whined, didn’t like to be touched and didn’t want to play.

But now Shadow knows that he’s living in his forever home and his people love him. He loves to go for walks, and his foster mom laughs because he walks so fast his ears bounce. She adds that she named him Shadow because he sticks very close to her and curls up next to his family on the couch.

Thanks to ODH supporters Shadow now has a permanent home and he’s on the road to recovery. He still has lots of vet visits ahead but at least he doesn’t have to wear a cone around his neck any longer. Progress!

If you’d like to show that you care you can share our posts on Facebook, apply to become a foster family on our website, make a donation or perhaps SPONSOR Widget or Shadow or any other ODH dog you see on our website.

Thank you!

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