Transportation Needs for Senior Dogs

October 12, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

                            By Joanna Mitzel   My boyfriend works in the transportation industry and travels frequently for work. For me, that often means two things: Number one, when I do come along for the ride, I spend a lot of time just watching…

Vet Tech Appreciation Week

October 8, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  By Joanna Mitzel Each year, the third full week of October marks National Veterinary Technician week. As the pet parent of four senior animals, I spend a lot of time at the vet.  My observation is that it takes a lot of kindness, hard work and patience-from the whole staff-to keep a veterinary practice…

We are Family

September 25, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  On September 16 I spent the afternoon with my family. It’s a big family … really big. It’s big in numbers, big in spirit, and big in love. Just plain BIG in every way possible. Some of my family members have two legs and some have four legs. When I saw them on September…

“The Best Thing We’ve Ever Done….”

September 17, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

You need to watch this episode of “Eric’s Heroes,” a weekly series airing every Wednesday on KOMO News in the 6 p.m. newscast. Click here for the episode.   In just a few minutes, what Old Dog Haven is all about is beautifully filmed and narrated by Eric Johnson in this touching video. You’ll hear…

The Beauty of Routine

September 10, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By Joanna Mitzel   Summer, often the most beloved season, means Barbeques and bonfires; Flowers and fireworks; Vacations and visitors. This much needed break from the ordinary provides relief for both kids and adults alike. For a short three months, monotony is often replaced with spontaneity. Then, every September, the lifeguards step down from their…

A Picture is worth….

September 3, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

I don’t have a thousand words in my head today, but I do have a few thoughts about the lessons our dogs teach us that are so important to learn. We resist, try to intellectualize, rationalize, justify, and judge, but the bottom line is that if we can function intuitively and positively as our dogs…

Brokers Supporting Pet Rescue Partners with Old Dog Haven!

August 27, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Lori Sciacero and Steven Lynn are the co-founders of an organization called “Brokers Supporting Pet Rescue,” a network of animal-loving Pacific Northwest Real Estate Brokers working together to help rescue animals. It’s their vision to work with like-minded clients to help maximize support for local pet rescue programs and have a positive impact for animals in…

Six Common Old Dog Problems—And How to Solve Them

August 20, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Dr. Katy Patterson-Miller This week we welcome guest blogger Dr. Katy Patterson-Miller who has relevant information for all of us who live with old dogs. Kathryn Patterson-Miller, DVM, CVFT is the Director of Dog and Cat Health and Nutrition for Mud Bay. Before joining Mud Bay in 2011 and focusing on small animal nutrition, Dr.…

Advice from the Queen (of Toenails)

August 13, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

    By Christina Boling   At the veterinary clinic where I work I am known as the “The Toenail Queen.”  After the doctor has examined, diagnosed, and treated each dog, I always check for one thing: toenails. What’s the big deal with dog nails, anyway?  As busy pet owners, hearing nails “click click click”…

Shadow Hike-A-Thon Fundraiser

August 6, 2018 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

    Dance-A-Thon, Walk-A-Thon, and Read A-Thon are just a few of the “A-Thon” fundraisers people organize to benefit a specific cause, but this week I want you to know about the Shadow Hike-A-Thon organized by Jenn and Jason Sonker in memory of their little dog Shadow. We often have individuals and groups organize fundraisers…

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