Growing Up with Tessie

November 9, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  By Maddie Pust Note: This week we welcome guest blogger Maddie Pust. Maddie says this about herself:  “I grew up in Olympia Washington with lots of pets! Four years ago, I moved just across the border to attend the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Now I am getting my Master of Management…

Forever in my heart: Sweetie

October 26, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By Amber Kizer   Sweetie lived in technicolor rainbows and invited those around her to play in the joyful pot of gold. She was larger than life in all the best ways. Whether she was cuddling or hiking a boulder from one end of the yard to the other, Sweetie did it with all her…

Always in My Heart 

October 19, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  by Trudy Sigler Dogs touch our hearts and create fond memories that are with us forever. Today Old Dog Haven foster Trudy Siegler shares some heartfelt memories of her Maranda Fund dog Stanley.       Tiny Stanley, aka Lil Man Stan, was a shih tzu mix who found himself in a shelter with…

Dog Roles

September 21, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  I’ve been thinking about how people interact with each other, which—predictably—leads me to think about dogs and how they interact with each other. First, let’s talk about people: Human to human interaction is largely driven by relationships. You probably wouldn’t talk to your grandmother in the same way you converse with your teen-age son,…

Why Do Senior Dogs End Up in Shelters? 

September 7, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  For those of you who have a love for senior dogs and wonder why an old dog would end up in a shelter, this posting provides information that will answer your question. Knowing the why behind the thousands of homeless senior dogs living in shelters probably isn’t particularly helpful, but I just felt you…

Old Dog Haven is a State of Mind

August 24, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

We often have people contact us who want to know where we’re located because they’d like to come and visit our facility, and they’d like to meet our dogs. But, as most of you know, we don’t have a facility, and meeting our dogs would involve a very long road trip that would mean visiting…

Plan Ahead

August 3, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs, Uncategorized

I’ve talked about this before but based on some conversations I’ve had lately I think it might be good to revisit the topic. Note: For the sake of simplicity I’ll be using the generic “him” rather than “him or her.” What will happen to your dog if you are no longer able to care for…

Old Dog Haven’s T-shirt Fundraiser is Going on Now!

July 20, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Do you have an Old Dog Haven T-shirt?  Or, if you do, perhaps you need a new one. Now’s your chance to add a very classy one-of-a-kind T-shirt to your wardrobe and help our dogs at the same time. We’ll all miss the Walk for Old Dogs this year (cancelled due to the COVID virus),…

Ask Murphy

June 29, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  He’s back!  Murphy, a Chihuahua terrier mix, lives with his humans, basset hound sister, and a friendly cat in Seattle. From time to time he writes columns about issues that people and dogs share. He finds typing difficult with paws so he dictates his writing to one of his people, Joe Myers.    …

I Loved You … if Only for a Moment

June 15, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  I think one of the most important services of love we offer at Old Dog Haven is to provide hospice care for dogs that are only with us a short time. We can do this because we have foster families who understand what their role is with the dog that can’t be with them…

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