Dementia in Senior Dogs

January 13, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Note: I’ve had so many conversations with people about dementia in senior dogs in the past couple of months I thought perhaps it might be good to re-visit the topic with the hope that my words might be of some help to those of you who are dealing with the issue. When I talk…


December 30, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Last week I watched The Polar Express as I do each year during the Christmas season. The message of the film is a powerful one that extends beyond a charming story, and it can be seen in what happens within the Old Dog Haven family every day of the year.       Our…

On Being Connected

December 16, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

I’ve talked before about how Old Dog Haven dogs are ambassadors in so many ways, and this week I’m thinking specifically about the connection that’s made between our dogs and the people who sponsor them. If you’ve looked at our website you know that many of our permanent foster dogs are posted under the section…

Harley Rae

December 2, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By Paula Moreschi Your continued support to our mission has had a profound effect on so many senior dogs in need. #GivingTuesday is tomorrow and today we’d like to share a very special story with you to demonstrate how your devotion gives hope to our dogs.       For lack of a better word,…

Old and Grumpy

November 18, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  By Laura Hentges, CPDT-KA, CCS   Have you ever described your dog as old and grumpy? Is your dog less interested in playing or slowing down on walks?  Less tolerant of your neighbor’s puppy or taking longer naps? That’s just a normal part of aging, right? Not necessarily.     I’ve had several wonderful…

Yes, I know You’re a Dog

November 4, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

As we leave the Halloween season of dressing ourselves and sometimes our dogs in costumes, we move into holiday festivities, which offer the same possibilities, and I got to thinking about why people dress up their dogs. I’ve written about this before, but I think I may have a handle on it now.    …

A Maranda Fund Celebration

October 21, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Meet the Dogs! by Paula Moreschi   Today we’d like to share photos and stories of some of our 2019 Maranda Fund dogs. Because of the Maranda Fundthey are doing well and spending some of the best times of their lives with their wonderful foster families.       Gidget Rose To say Gidget…

A Maranda Fund Celebration

October 7, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Meet the dog who inspired this life saving fund – by Paula Moreschi   Not only is this year Old Dog Haven’s 16th Anniversary, but it’s also the 11-year anniversary of the arrival of Maranda, the inspiration behind Old Dog Haven’s Maranda Fund. Maranda arrived at Old Dog Haven as a stray in 2009. She…

Don’t Stress, Decompress

September 23, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

    By Laura Hentges, CPDT-KA, CCS Congratulations! You’ve decided to welcome a new rescue or foster dog into your home. You have all the usual supplies: collar, leash, bowls, comfy bed, food, treats, toys, and lots of love. What could go wrong? Everything about your warm, safe, loving home is completely new (and potentially…

Look at Us Now!

September 16, 2019 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Old Dog Haven’s Foster/Volunteer picnic and on the drive home I amused myself by trying to remember the names of the dogs I saw at the picnic. I won’t show off by listing them for you, but I will say that the best part of remembering a…

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