From Lorenzo’s foster (Final Refuge) mom:

Lorenzo was an owner surrender and he came home with me 14 months ago seemingly deaf and de-barked, with tapeworm and matted fur. Swift vetting showed his ears were full of bacteria amd infection, but once cleared, his hearing was restored in full and he and I both took delight at the first time he heard another dog bark at the park in my Silver Lake neighborhood.

His own bark was soon restored too, having discovered he had merely barked himself hoarse at some point, possibly from being held in an enclosed space too long for his liking (at 13, he had not been crate trained and despised enclosed spaces). Sadly, his early vetting also revealed other serious health concerns: sick sinus syndrome (heart arrythmia) that caused syncope episodes, pulmonary fibrosis, and pulmonary hypertension. His prognosis was not good, but this good-natured little sweetheart hung in there much longer than expected, to my good fortune.

Thanks to ODH, Lorenzo also received excellent care from vets and specialty clinics and as a result he was able to enjoy his remaining months communing with the ducks and geese and community doggie friends, and sharing tons of snuggles and cuddles and blueberries.

In more recent days, his illnesses finally became too pronounced for him to continue comfortably. This past Wednesday, we shared one last Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger, fries-and added a chocolate Frosty for good measure-before he fell asleep in my arms. I hope he knew how treasured he was by me and those who met him this past year.

Thank you, ODH, for the opportunity to care for this good boy. Lorenzo brought much love and light to my life during a time when I really needed it. They really do help us more than we help them.

Enjoying Wendy’s

Lorenzo after his bath

First meeting at the shelter