From Cassie’s Final Refuge Mom:

A few words I would use to describe Cassie- sweet, affectionate, SMART, fearless, and resilient!

Cassie came to us after being surrendered to the shelter at 13 yers old. She was deemed unsuitable for adoption because of her age and being fully blind. When we picked her up, she was understandably scared and confused, but it didn’t take her long to realize that she was safe and home at last.

Cassie didn’t come with much known medical history, it sounded like she had not been to the vet in a long time. We knew she was blind, but were not sure how or why it happened. She also had a few unusual lumps that the shelter staff had concern about. Thankfully, after a thorough examination, and a consult with a veterinary eye specialist, we found out that her lumps were nothing more than harmless fat deposits, and her sight had been impaired by severe cataracts.

While we can’t do anything to bring her vision back, it should not cause her any further issues or discomfort. Overall, she was actually in great health! Although she is blind (and a bit hard of hearing we suspect) she needs no help getting along! She prefers to find her way herself, and she has no fear when discovering new places! She is as curious as a cat, and we often laugh at the crazy places she gets herself into- climbing up on furniture, getting into boxes, finding her way into every crack left open! She is just as capable and agile as any other dog, if not more so!

Cassie is such a bright part of our lives, she is always happy and affectionate. She is my favorite part of coming home. Whenever my husband or I come home, she greets us with what we call her “parade” where she hops around the house in circles howling with excitement and trying to find us, and then after she finds us, she continues her parade around the house as if to announce it to everyone else. It’s the funniest thing! We even have a song that goes with it!

She loves to be held, and will cuddle with anyone who is willing. We are so thankful for our sweet Cassiopeia, and can’t imagine our family without her! I know we have many great days ahead and I can’t wait to see what more she blesses us with each day.

Update:  Cassie stayed with her wonderful new family as long as she could, but finally her health declined and they had to let her go.  She was a very dear girl and much loved.