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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!



Ricky came Old Dog Haven after his former owner went into assisted living. Although he had an interim caretaker she was unable to keep him permanently.

Ricky arrived underweight with insulin dependent diabetes and a diagnosis Cushings disease. He also had GI issues and very low intermittent blood sugars. On occasion his blood sugar would drop so low that he experienced seizures. Thankfully the Maranda fund was used to pay for multiple visits to a veterinary specialist. We were also relieved to find out that Ricky does NOT have Cushings disease.

Although it took several months and trials of multiple types of insulin things did turn around. Ricky’s life has improved significantly and he is now a happy-go-lucky dog. He is maintained seizure free on Glycobalance canned food, Fortiflora canine dietary supplement, and a stable insulin regimen. Ricky is on a strict diet for his diabetes, so the only treats he gets are bully sticks, which he loves.

Ricky is an easy-going fellow who gets along well with the humans and other dogs in the house. His favorite thing is sleeping under a throw on the couch though when he awakens he bounds about the yard like a gazelle chasing the chippies and squirrels (fortunately they are faster than he is and much better at finding cover). He is a bit yappy and barks at birds, bees, dragonflies and leaves. However he tires easily and returns quickly to his undercover position on the couch – something his foster parents appreciate. Ricky proudly carries stuffed toys about the house especially the stuffed heart that is his fave.

There were times when Ricky was doing so poorly when he first arrived we wondered if he would make it. But because of the excellent care he was able to receive due to the Maranda fund and a couple of stubborn fosters who didn’t want to give up Ricky is stable and enjoying life.

Many thanks to you generous souls who provide financial support for the Maranda Fund and make stories like Ricky’s possible!


With his favorite toy!

RIcky wrapped up when he had his glucose monitor so it would not fall off.

Ricky is sponsored by:

  • Cheryl Rooker of Fairhope, AL - Lifetime Sponsor