Like many of ODH’s Final Refuge seniors, Clover’s distant past is a mystery. Her recent past is a touching story of two kind dog lovers doing their best to love and care for a sweet old dog, who had been neglected physically and emotionally. Two years ago a young local couple adopted what they were told was a 6 y.o. poodle/spaniel mix from a rescue group. She had been found wandering the streets  with matted filthy fur, overgrown nails, rotted teeth and a chronic cough. By giving her a home and naming her Clover, her luck had changed. Clover’s vet estimated her age to be closer to 12. Her poor health and past neglect required many trips to the vet to help her get better. She had most of her teeth removed, an eye specialist to deal with her corneal plaque and special treatments and frequent baths to heal her skin.

Due to the pandemic, lack of secure income and a new baby in the family, her guardians could not meet Clover’s growing health needs. They loved her very much and wanted the best for her so they sought the help of ODH. By doing that she avoided a scary placement at a shelter.

I was able tp receive Clover directly from her previous owner who described Clover as “pure love and gentleness” and I completely agree. Every day she grows more comfortable with me and her 2 canine siblings; Maggie the chihuahua and Final Refuge Fritz, the min pin.

Clover tries her hardest to fit in and not cause any trouble. She has had some challenges related to a chronic cough, urinary incontinence and pain from spondylosis but thanks to ODH’s commitment to their dogs receiving excellent care, all of her needs are being addressed and this is thanks to all the many generous supporters of this much needed group.

Clover was aptly named. Often times, if you listen closely, you can hear her humming the tune “ My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades”!!

Update from Clover’s Final Refuge Mom:  Sadly, not long after writing Clover’s bio, the pain related to her spinal issues became too much for her to bear, despite the multiple medications. She needed to be gently sent to a painfree place by the kind vet in the ER, cradled in my arms.

It was a joy to share my home with such a lovely dog. She seemed to be content. Clover loved her daily slow paced “sniff walks” in the neighborhood, puttering around the garden and laying in the sun on the front porch. And eating! Despite the pain at the end, she was still interested in a small dish of pureed pumpkin before her final car ride. What a dear soul.”