Jonesy is said to be a beagle/lab mix, at 33 pounds he certainly could be – whatever he is, he’s a real sweetheart. After finding himself in a shelter when his owner had trouble, he made a long journey including an overnight halfway house, arrived at his new ODH home and immediately moved in. He’s slowly becoming the little sidekick to his bigger “brother”, coexists easily with the foster cats, goes visiting and is a hit at the pet store, friends’ homes and vet clinic. He loves to lie in your lap and snuggle (and sneak a kiss or two) and he gets a big kick out of his new toys. This little fellow has lots of charisma and his loving nature has already endeared him to many. Jonesy’s Marvelous Adventure continues as he enjoys his new life!

Update from his Final Refuge Mom:

Sweet Jonesy crossed the Rainbow Bridge  cradled in my arms and bathed in sunshine. He was such a funny little guy and had a good, long life. He had obviously been loved before he came to live with me and we loved each other so much. Old Dog Haven rescued him from a local County Shelter. He was there because his person had gone to jail. Thank you ODH for trusting me with his final 5 years. My life was so much richer for having him in it!