Hank was taken to a local shelter after being found as a stray in a busy intersection.  At the shelter Hank sat confused and alone until an Old Dog Haven foster home was found.  Hank had clearly been neglected for a very long time and suffered from many health issues.  He was limping and had a lot of arthritis in his back end, an active ear infection, skin issues and very long nails.  He was also extremely thin, (at least 15 lbs. underweight) and if that wasn’t enough, this poor guy has a grapefruit sized mass hanging from the front of his chest.   When his foster brought him home, they immediately went to work on making him more comfortable with a nail trim, medicated bath and much needed medication to alleviate the pain and stiffness he was feeling every day.

After finally receiving the veterinary care he desperately needed through Old Dog Haven, Hank was treated for all of his ear and skin infections, prescribed more medications for arthritis and is feeling a whole lot better.  Unfortunately, during his exam, an ultrasound revealed that Hank has an additional large mass on his spleen, indicating probable cancer.  While the news of Hank’s prognosis was disappointing, his fosters are determined to give him the loving home he deserves and give him a chance at a new life.

From his foster mom:

“When we picked up Hank from the shelter, he looked like a dog that had given up on life.  He walked slowly with his head down, no light in his eyes, just sadness.  He looked like a dog that had had a difficult life and was ignored and forgotten when he needed people the most.  In a matter of weeks, Hank has blossomed into a new dog.  The light in his eyes has come back and his big tail wags most of the day.  He is happy, curious and loves being part of the Old Dog Haven pack.   He lives with other large dogs, a few very small dogs and gets along great with everyone.  He is a very gentle, calm dog who has proven to be the perfect houseguest.   Hank loves to be petted and will often roll over on his belly wanting more attention and a good belly scratch and then scoot closer to her and nudge you with a paw if you are thinking about stopping.  He likes to be close to his new family and loves to go on long, slow walks on the property.   He loves to spend his time checking on the potbelly pigs in their pen and exploring all the smells of the trails and wildlife outside.  Every once in a while, he forgets how old he is and tries to sprint across the yard.  You can also catch him on a nice day, sitting with his new friends, out in the sun before he heads back inside for a long nap on his favorite, soft bed.  We knew he was feeling like his old self when he started playing with toys!  He loves to take his tiny, stuffed animals out to shake them around and roll on his back like a puppy.

“Hank is such a light in our lives and deserves much more time in a home that truly cherishes him. We know that his time is limited and he really makes us remember to live every day to the fullest.  Because of Old Dog Haven and YOU, Hank will always get the medical care he needs and spend the rest of his life in a loving home with a family that adores him.”

Update:  Hank really thrived in his Final Refuge home and soaked up all the love and care.  He clearly relished this final chapter and the change in him was remarkable – going from totally shut down to playing and taking leisurely walks on ‘his’ farm.  After much too short a time, however, Hank’s health failed him and his family had to say goodbye.  This lovely boy is greatly missed.  We are very thankful that he had such love at the end of his life.


Hank and his pig friends

Hank just hanging out

Hank relaxing with ball

Just chewin….on a very comfy bed

On patrol

Hank and friends….is it time for dinner?

Hank and Friend loving the sun