This is dear Max.

Max was surrendered to a shelter at 15, scared, in pain, and with horrible teeth.  He landed in an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home with four Boston terriers and life began to improve for him.

Max kept to himself in the beginning but his new human always made sure he was a part of this family/tribe. He slept on her bed, ate with the pack and learned about the dog door to the huge backyard. Max wore a fleece to keep warm and enjoyed a comfy bed by the fire. And now Max is a different dog. The blank stare in his eyes is gone. He is bright, attentive and participatory. He shows up, he knows he counts and he has confidence.  He had all his teeth removed and is on meds and is no longer in pain.

His ODH mom says, “He trusts me implicitly and stares at me with loving eyes. I adore this little man!”

Update:  Max truly enjoyed his new home and loving family with ‘his’ human and Boston Terrier pack mates.  He chose his time of leaving, laying on the bed beside his Mom, totally loved and at peace.  Max was such a special fellow who had a strong bond with his mom.  He will be greatly missed.