“Hi! I’m Pepper! I’m sure you’d like to meet me because I’d sure like to meet you! Aren’t I a handsome guy? I just love getting to meet new people and dogs!

“How’d I end up with Old Dog Haven you ask? Well my owner died and I was surrendered to a shelter. I’m on the old side (13!) and was in rough shape, so I wasn’t a good adoption candidate. Fortunately, the nice people at the shelter asked ODH to take me.

“Sure enough, just when I needed a place to go, my forever foster mom said she had a space and now I have a home!  I’m happy here. I have an old dog foster sister and a foster mom that makes sure I get lots of walks, time exploring the garden and playing with my ball. She calls me sweet boy, says she’s glad I came to live with her, and makes sure I get everything I need.

“It feels pretty good to have a forever home.”

Update:  Dear Pepper’s health failed him and his family will miss him greatly.  He had a wonderful time and really soaked up all the love and care from his Final Refuge family.