Handsome Abe is a yellow lab mix who weighs about 50 pounds. His owners say he is between 9-10 years old. Abe has many talents: he “sings”, loves to give hugs, knows how to play “dead” when you pretend to shoot and say “BANG”. We are told he knows some basic commands. Abe sounds like a smart, fun dog!

Abe has a lot of energy and because of that, he needs a securely fenced yard and someone who will exercise him daily. Abe is strong; he will pull on leash at first so he needs someone who is able to manage that and ideally, work with him on his leash manners. In his excitement, Abe has been known to knock over people who are unsteady on their feet. We’d bet Abe would thrive with some positive-reinforcement training.

While Abe lives with other dogs, he is not always happy to meet new dogs. Abe would probably be happiest as an only dog. However, if an adopter was  dog savvy and knew how to do proper introductions and integration, Abe may be able to live with another dog. He needs a cat free home and one with kids who are at least in their teens.

Because of a recent move, Abe is experiencing a lot of anxiety. Noises like gunfire and shouting upset him. His owners have him on 2 anti anxiety medications because of this. This is not ideal for Abe. He needs a quieter home with people who can exercise him and work on his behavior. One would hope that with time, in a new, calmer and quieter environment, Abe would be able to be weaned off the medications. This should never be done without a vet’s guidance. Abe sounds a bit like a project but one that will be well worth the time, love and patience.

Abe is posted for his owner in Yelm, WA.  For more information, please email referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.