From Albert’s Final Refuge family:

Albert was considered a hospice placement, but he is a survivor!  He was 11lbs when he came to us and is very happy now at 17lbs.  A year ago he had almost no hair and had severe anemia due to a terrible flea infestation and malnutrition, today he has a beautiful, silky coat and has even had two haircuts!

Albert has been a trooper through all the vetting needed to return him to health and  although he does still have some residual effects he is going strong.  Albert is completely deaf and mostly blind, but he is independent and determined and navigates his surroundings very well.

His favorite place to be is in bed and he’s an early to bed, early to rise guy.  He’s up each day between 4 and 5am for breakfast then back to sleep until lunch.  Dinner is at 6 and he’s in bed by 7 if at all possible.

Eating and being warm are his favorite activities. It is unknown exactly how old Albert is or what specific breed he is.  The vet says he is likely 10-15 years old and maybe a Shih Tzu mix.

Albert struggles with anxiety, but is sweet and trusting despite his difficult past.  He has even started giving us kisses and a few tail wags these past months.  He takes everything in stride and he is an inspiration to us everyday.

Update:  After almost two and a half years with his Final Refuge family, Albert’s health finally failed him and we had to say goodbye.  He overcame so much and enjoyed his new family.  He will be greatly missed and his family was very grateful for their time with this special boy.

Albert….when he first came to us