Aldo was a handsome old guy found wandering the streets, taken to shelter, and quickly bailed out to come live with me as an FR pup. He was kind of a train wreck, but we thought nothing life threatening. Sadly, within a month he was diagnosed with lymphoma, which he surely had even when he first came into ODH care. Though he was given just 4-8 weeks to live, he managed another 16 weeks before it became clear that, despite all the food, comfy beds, care and love, his suffering outweighed his quality of life. He was sent on his way at home with much sadness.  Aldo was a reserved dog whose very presence seemed to command respect from his pack-mates.

I will always remember the day, about 3 days after I brought him home, that he emerged from his shell and walked over to me as if to say, “I choose you”. From that day, he was my constant companion…while reading, working on the computer, watching tv, or sleeping, Aldo was ever at my feet. He has gone much too soon. I wish we could have had his whole life together but am greatful he chose me for the time he had remaining.

Good-bye my little Snow, Aldo. I will walk with you in every snowfall.