Cheyenne (a.k.a. “Shy”) came to us about 15 months ago. She had been diagnosed with kidney failure and some pretty severe arthritis in her back legs. Shy appeared to have been “trained” with a heavy hand, as she always walked about ten feet behind us, looked nervous anytime we reached down to give her some love
and attention, and her eyes said “I am afraid I will get in trouble for anything I do” when she looked at us. She did NOT need to ever feel this way with us because we LOVED her the minute she stepped into our lives and heart!!! She was obviously very quiet, and pretty much stayed in the background with her five ‘sisters.” But come mealtime, she was a different dog! All of a sudden she barked, jumped around and was eager to eat her meal. Such a sweet change from being so submissive the rest of the time. Shy was our shadow, and was happy to go where ever we went. She did love looking for wild bunnies in the pasture, although her legs just did not allow her to ever chase them. She was just too stiff and sore, even with lots of supplements and pain meds. But she did enjoy watching the other dogs in her pack do that job! Shy was a very brave girl the last week she was here, always trying to put on a happy face, but it was apparent to us that she was just not feeling good at all. We sent her on her way with a list of dogs that she had previously known and loved here, and told her she would meet them all when she got to the other side. A comfort to us for sure.

What a wonderful girl she was. We thank Old Dog Haven for sending her our way. It was our pleasure to know and love her!

Shy acdx 2-FR122615