Alice was picked up as a stray and joined an ODH foster family when no one came to claim her at the shelter.  She was about 13 and some kind of sheltie mix.    She needed to gain some weight, have dental work, and a cyst on her back removed; all of which have been accomplished.  She is a little deaf and a little arthritic, but the sweetest, most mellow dog ever! Alice spends her time hanging out with the other dogs in her foster home.  She enjoys spending her days “wandering” through the yard and house, taking naps, and barking at the cat.  She especially likes to lie outside on the deck, even in the wind and rain.  Her foster parents report that Alice seems like she has been part of the family forever, and they are so grateful to ODH for matching them up!

Update: Alice’s kidneys began to fail after more than one happy year with her ODH family, and quickly progressed despite treatment. Her ODH people were very sad to say goodbye but so glad that she had been part of their family.