Andrew was an enigma. He came into a shelter evidently hit by a car, with two fractures in a hid leg and several broken ribs, matted and very quiet. We agreed to take him and immediately sent him to the specialty center for surgery on the leg and to be neutered. Over the next 3 months we struggled to get the leg to heal and to get past his emotional barriers, not succeeding completely in either. He stayed in his “cave” (crate with an open door) unless taken outside to sniff around, sometimes chose to sit in dad’s lap but never ventured around the house. He enjoyed the company of the female schnauzers and tolerated anything but never ever made a sound. When he had a serious seizure, no doubt stressing the still-not-healed fracture, we decided to let him end his struggle. What had happened to this very old, handsome, gentle soul we will never know and maybe that’s a good thing. The two ODH families who loved him hope he knew that he was valued and wanted – we tried our best to make life good for him. Rest in peace, little Andrew.