Annabelle and Jakers are buddies. They are not related but they’ve lived together for about 8 years. Jakers is 9 years old; he’s a 45 pound border collie mix. 12 year old Annabelle is a lab mix who weighs 55 pounds. Of the 2, Jakers is more reliant on Annabelle. He can get anxious when the people of the house leave so Annabelle keeps him company and steadies him. They’re not reliably social with other dogs; Annabelle can be “choosey” if proper introductions are not given. Whereas Annabelle has been fine living with a cat, Jake has not. Both dogs can reportedly go quite a while without needing potty breaks and both can handle stairs. Jakers and Annabelle appreciate a 20-30 minute daily walk. Being the “youngster” he still is, Jakers loves fetching a ball, hiking and going for jogs. Annabelle is a little bit more chill. Annabelle has been good with kids of all ages whereas Jakers prefers older children who aren’t as unpredictable. Jakers can become a bit territorial when people he doesn’t know come to visit-this is remedied by giving him his own space when company comes over. This may or may not happen once he finds a new home. If you are looking for a pair of loving, fun, loyal dogs, Annabelle and Jakers are ready to meet you!

They are in Sammamish, WA. ready for their new home.

These are not ODH dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.