April, a border collie mix, came into the shelter as an extremely frail stray with multiple infections and the hair missing on most of her back and tail. Probably 13-15 years old, April was very listless and depressed in the shelter, and ODH took her in knowing that she might not have much time left. In her Final Refuge home, though, April has perked up greatly! She enjoys being in a pack with other ODH fosters, and has selected a huge comfy dog bed to doze on. April also enjoys her nightly walks and grows more attached to her foster mom and dad each day. They are very pleased to see her progress and hope she is with them for a long time.

Update: After almost two years with her ODH family, April’s cheery attitude remained, but her hind-end strength declined to the point at which she soon would not be able to get around on her own. Her family decided that, although they would miss her terribly, it was the right time to let her go. By the time the at-home vet arrived, April had already dozed off, feeling safe and loved, with her family beside her, and a belly full of treats.