Trudy, some sort of spaniel mix, started out in Vegas early in life (according to her microchip), and then landed in a shelter here as a senior — we’re not sure what happened in between. Trudy has Horner’s Syndrome and Iris Atrophy, which make her eyes look a little odd but, other than that and a heart murmur, she’s pretty healthy. We considered putting Trudy up for adoption, but she has separation anxiety and we felt it would be cruel to subject her to another change of environment just as she’s learning that she won’t be abandoned anymore. As it is, she is exuberantly enjoying her opportunity at a new life. On the drive from the shelter to her ODH foster home she stuck her nose out the window, sighed contentedly, and let her ears flap in the breeze. Upon arriving at home, she immediately tested all of the couches and, by the instant love she has shown her foster family, has apparently decided that she will enjoy her retirement very much.

Update: After two years with her ODH family, Trudy was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her ODH family was devastated; they had hoped to have much more time with her. When Trudy started to lose the fight, they decided to release her from her body while she was still happy. With an at-home vet’s help, Trudy fell asleep outside in the shade, on a sunny summer day, with her ODH family by her side. Their laps feel so empty of her snuggly sweetness, and they hope they will see her again someday.