Handsome Augie is an Italian Greyhound. He was surrendered to a shelter at 12 years old and had a brief stay in another loving ODH home before settling into his Final Refuge home. Augie is very gentle and affectionate and loves meeting new people. He has an especially soft spot for children as he lived with a toddler in his previous home. Augie has his own special version of a hug, putting a paw on each shoulder and leaning his head against your chest. He loves to cuddle and he loves his blankets to burrow under. Augie is blind due to a cataract and glaucoma, but that doesn’t slow him down one bit. When he hears “step” or “up,” he knows to walk carefully. He easily learned the layout of the house and in no time at all found the sofa, the bed and the best spot to wait with the other dogs for his foster mom to come home. In Old Dog Haven’s care, Augie has had a dental with 18 extractions, and ciliary ablation to relieve the pressure in his eye from the glaucoma. His foster mom looks forward to lots of cuddle and snuggle time with this sweet boy.

Update:  Augie spent 2-1/2 years in his ODH home before an injury overtook him.   His ODH mom and siblings will always remember this very special little guy.