What kind of dog is this?! ADORABLE and one that makes everyone smile. His Old Dog Haven foster took one look at him and thought he looked like a character out of a Dr. Seuss book so he received the name, “The Mayor Augustus May Who of Whoville”, AKA Augustus, Auggie, Gus or Mr. Mayor. When ODH was asked to find a Final Refuge home for him he was almost hairless, with stinky, greasy, yeasty, VERY itchy skin; this guy was pretty uncomfortable. He had severe dry eye which has left him visually impaired. His ears were both badly infected. On top of all of this, he was underweight and his breath was pretty rotten, due to teeth that very badly needed care. He was pretty arthritic with an odd gait, his front legs badly bowed and when he walked, his back legs didn’t bend much. Augustus was a dog who required a lot of work to start back to a healthy state–if he had ever been healthy before.

Thanks to donors to The Maranda Fund, Augustus has seen an veterinary dermatologist and gets weekly medicated baths, medication to help with his itching, and a good quality diet. He has also seen a veterinary ophthalmologist. He will need prescription compounded eye drops twice a day for the rest of his life in addition to the over-the-counter eye lubricant drops he’ll receive three times a day. Next up will be Augustus’ mouth: he’ll need a dental, likely with a dental specialist.

Because of all of this good care, Augustus is slowly gaining weight! He’s also no longer smelly nor itchy, his eyes look comfortable, and his ODH Final Refuge family says that, “It is really wonderful to see him feeling so much better. He is a real joy to have around!” Despite the long-term neglect and the fact that he’ll likely always be a high maintenance kind of guy, Augustus settled in with his ODH home immediately and his people say that it’s incredibly rewarding to help a fellow who suffered silently for so long become as happy and healthy as he can possibly be.

“None of this could be done without Old Dog Haven’s supporters and we are so grateful to them!”

Update:   After more than 6 years, the wonderful Augustus had to leave.  August truly was a special fellow – once you met him, you’d not forget him.  He was spunky and kept his house running right.  He welcomed so many other old pups into his home and taught them the ropes.  His family will miss him greatly and none of us will ever forget him.  He truly is what ODH is all about.

Augustus pekex -FROPHS2

Augustus at the shelter

Augustus – our 2019 ODH calendar covermodel!