GG (FKA Ginger, AKA Snickelfritz, Snickel, Snicker, Fritz) came to Old Dog Haven, as many shih tzus do, terribly matted and dirty. She was fortunate to go to a shelter that took a close look at her and discovered two very large stones filling her bladder. In came ODH to the rescue. Within a week of arriving at the shelter, GG had been shaved, had had surgery to remove the very painful bladder stones, and was in a new forever foster home.  She was clean and more comfortable but that was just the beginning. Once that mess of a “fur” coat was gone, it was discovered that GG had deep corneal ulcers in both eyes from the mats rubbing against them. Although she was feeling much better, she didn’t want to open her eyes because they were so painful. GG was started on eye drops and as much as she hated those drops, her eyes were saved. GG got emergent help because of all the wonderful professionals who help the ODH dogs.

Other things were found under those mats that make you wonder what this little dog has endured. Large, oddly shaped, and identical scars, one old and one healing, look maybe like burns. She has many other equally mystifying scars. And a deformed front foot that appears to be the result of an untreated injury. Mostly it doesn’t slow her down but every so often she must come down on it wrong and she will have a worse limp for a few days.

In spite of whatever history GG has had, she is very resilient and forgiving. GG loves everyone she meets and dances for their attention (and she gets a lot). A new person at the door is cause for great celebration. At the same time, she makes sure that her servants around the house understand that she is a Princess and should be treated as such. Her foster brother and sisters shrug and say “Whatever” but that doesn’t change her self perception. Regardless of the princess myth, one of GG’s favorite things is rolling in the dirt and mulch in the yard, including rubbing her face in it. Apparently if you have servants to clean you up, you can indulge.

Had Old Dog Haven and all those caring professionals not jumped in quickly to help her, GG’s story might have ended much differently. From her throne on the sofa, she thanks everyone who helps ODH in many different ways to do the work they do. Not the least of which are the donors who make it all possible.

Update:  After almost 2 years, GG’s loving family had to say goodbye to this dear girl.  She was a princess through and through and her family was grateful for every day with her.