Meet Mia. This little Shih Tzu/Maltese mix came to her Final Refuge home from a shelter, like so many of our Old Dog Haven dogs. The shelter guessed that Mia was around 15 years old and too old to adopt out so they contacted ODH for help. Mia was terribly matted and really needed some good, dedicated care. Thanks to your support of ODH and her new forever family that’s exactly what she’s been given. Mia has been vetted, had a needed shave and bath, and is now luxuriating in a loving home. This is one Malt Tzu that feels a whole lot better!

Mia’s people tell us that she is a very sweet girl and is also very quiet: “The only time she has barked is for food from our plate. Apparently her prior owner fed her from their plate!” She seems to get along with everyone–dogs large and small and cats, too. They tell us that, “When she first arrived home, she walked around and around to check everything out, then laid down and went to sleep. She realized she was finally safe and sound in a very dog-friendly home!”

Mia has some significant medical issues that will take some effort and resources to address.  She has a very large heart murmur and an enlarged heart, so will see a cardiologist ASAP and likely start on heart meds.  She also may have some GI disease so an ultrasound for that is on the schedule as well, and we will treat her arthritic knees.   Perhaps more significantly, she has a mass on her neck that is fairly ominous and will need a specialist to diagnose.

Thanks to your support of Old Dog Haven, little Mia will continue to receive all the medical treatment she needs to live the rest of her life as comfortably as possible and in a home that loves and cherishes her for who she is. Thanks, friends!

Update:  After a much loved time in her Final Refuge home, Mia’s health failed and we had to send her on.  This dear girl knew she was very much cared for and she enjoyed all her time with her family.  She will be greatly missed.