8 year old Avisha is a beautiful, 98 pound lady whose only wish is to be a cherished family member. She loves going for walks, swimming and car rides as long as she is with her people. Avisha would love to have her own fenced backyard where she can take in all the scents that nature has to offer. She wouldn’t enjoy living in an apartment….she needs room to roam.

Avisha has impeccable house manners and is fine when left home alone. She will wait patiently for you to return and greet you at the door with lots of tail wagging.

Avisha has made a lot of doggie friends along the way and she would probably enjoy another dog that shares her calm respectful personality. Avisha’s cat history is unknown. She met a cat safety tester and was very forward until he taught her the rules. A dog savvy cat should be fine with closely supervised introductions. A meet and greet will be required with the resident dogs of potential adopters.

Avisha recently received a senior wellness exam and blood work. She weighs 98 pounds and is 8 years old.

Avisha is posted for Save A Mutt Rescue.  She is being fostered in Everett, WA. If you are interested in meeting Avisha, please submit a Save-A-Mutt adoption application. Adoption applications can be found at www.save-a-mutt.org.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.