Babe has been hanging out at the Charlie’s Foundation Headquarters for many months now. They find it hard to believe that she’s not found her own FOREVER home already! She is as sweet as they come; she is almost 9 years old, weighs 70 pounds and is a Boxer Blend.

She loves to snuggle and kiss her human as much as possible, she was raised with her family’s children and also had children in her foster home. She currently resides with two female Boxers, a foster MinPin and several cats!
She is medium to high energy and she does well with very slow introductions; once done correctly she shines. She should not be brought to dog parks nor doggie day care as it would overwhelm her. She loves her crate and can be found laying in it while the door is open. Babe really doesn’t care for treats. Place a tennis ball in front of her and she will do anything including wiggling all over. No one has seen her when her tail isn’t going back and forth.

Babe has a low thyroid and is on a monthly prescription to keep her healthy. She also is on pain medication for some arthritis and old trauma to both ACL’S (she has been seen by with two veterinarians who do not recommend surgery). This does not slow her down – she does 3-4 mile walks a day with no issue, she can hop onto couches, chairs or beds, into a car without a care. She LOVES her people, and loves giving kisses and cuddling up.

Babe is posted for Charlie’s Foundation and is currently in Seattle, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.