Kassie is a 13 year old border collie who sounds like a wonderful dog with so much to offer. She weighs 40 pounds, kind of a “middle weight” we hear many people hoping to find in a dog. Kassie has had a lot of training in her past; she’s a very smart girl with great manners. We are told Kassie took a class with a trainer with 20 years of experience and the trainer said Kassie was the fastest dog he’d ever seen learn commands. She has lived with other dogs in the past and with proper introductions she’s done just fine with new dogs. She has been protective of her person and child while at dog parks if another dog has not been well-behaved. True to her breed she has tried to herd cats but learned to live with 3 cats and they turned things around eventually so that they bossed her around! Kassie has been great with kids of all ages and including a special-needs child in a wheelchair. Because she is getting older, her ideal home would be in a home with children age 6 and over.

Kassie deserves a home where she can get out to walk as often she used to; she really enjoys walking and is great on leash. In the past couple of years there’s not been much time to devote to Kassie, so the hope is, a new home will be found with someone who will let her have fun being a dog. Kassie has spent a lot of time alone at home and has learned to relieve herself on pee pads. We bet she could learn a dog door to get out while her people are away. Kassie is a Seahawks fan! She loves to play ball but is said to retrieve anything you throw. She’s been trained to retrieve items for her person to help with daily chores. Kassie would really enjoy a home with a fenced yard and squirrels she could chase away (she’s been trained to do so to keep them from eating bird seed). We started this out by saying how wonderful Kassie sounds, did we convince you? By giving Kassie a home you will not only be helping her and her family, you will be rewarding yourself!

Kassie is in Everett, WA in need of a forever home very soon.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.