Banjo is a sweet, sassy, and loving English toy spaniel who came in to Old Dog Haven care when his owner passed. She had nine dogs and three of them were deemed unadoptable so ODH stepped in to help. The average English toy life span is 10-12 years, so Banjo is above average at 13 years and 9 months.

Banjo’s nickname is “Jo-Jo the Jedi” because of his Yoda-like ears. He also looks like a little bit like Gizmo. He loves to sit on laps and get his ears scratched, sniffing around in the yard, and a good nap. He also enjoys snuggling with one of our other six spaniels.

Banjo loves anyone and everyone that he meets and we joke that he is the Walmart greeter.

Banjo came to us completely shaved as he’d been covered in mats. He also has mitral valve disease, which is now being managed, as well as surgery to remove all his teeth. In the first few months with us, this poor little guy battled a middle ear infection that caused “old dog” vestibular disease–a result of having lived with those horrible teeth for so long prior to coming into ODH care. We are happy to report that Banjo has made a full recovery and he’s loving his new life!

Update:  Dear Banjo’s health finally failed him and he was ready to move on.  He was such a brave little character and followed his mom everywhere.  He will be greatly missed by his family and many others who came to know him.