Have you ever had the honor of knowing and loving an old black lab? If not, here’s your chance! Meet Barno, a 12 year old, 85 pound labrador retriever. Barno understands basic commands; he’s a smart dog who wants to please his people. He’s lived with dogs in the past and done fine with them but Barno has never lived with a cat. Barno has been a wonderful family dog; he has been great with kids of all ages who have been kind to him. Barno is blind, he needs daily eye drops to keep inflammation in his eyes under control. As it seems with so many dogs, Barno also has some skin allergies; there are many ways to help a dog with that. Sweet Barno does well on leash for his short walk every day. He’s left alone for a work day in a contained area inside his house. Barno can manage stairs with guidance. It has been our experience that a blind dog can take up to 2 weeks to learn the “landscape” of it’s new home. Some dogs learn quicker but in any case, it’s always fascinating to watch a dog adapt to a new home. Don’t let Barno being blind discourage you! If you are familiar with this breed, you know how endearing they can be (yes, this writer is bias!).

Barno is described as being “mild-mannered and gentle”. He is waiting for a new home in Freeland, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation