“Say, do you have a minute? I’m Cody, and life is so much better since I found a loving rescue to care for me. I’m about 12 years young and I am what they call a “special needs” dog. Maybe that means I am especially lovable! Long ago I lost my sight, hearing and most of my teeth through neglect. Now that I’ve had good medical care, I feel much better. I am used to being blind and learn my way around my environment very quickly.

My Pacific Pug Rescue foster family was surprised when I found my way up the ramp to the dog door right away. I also will find you in the house and like to be close by you. I am not young or lively or have great ambitions in life, but I am a good boy and a great snuggler. I go potty outside on a schedule and I sleep well at night in my own bed. I would be best as an only dog, just because I can’t handle a lot of energy and I startle easily due to being deaf. I may be able to live with one gentle dog. I like to sit close by my person most of all. At this point in my life, I sure would like someone to be around home a lot for me. I like really long naps and little walks to sniff around in a fenced yard. I will need to be carried up any stairs, but can use a ramp or a couple of easy steps to the yard. So, thanks for listening, and if you happen to know of a Very Special Someone who would like to be my forever person, will you let us know?”

Cody is with Pacific Pug Rescue in Portland, Oregon.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.