Beasley came back into the shelter at about age 12 when his family became homeless; he’d been adopted there 11 years prior. This time he looked pretty terrible, with ear and eye and skin infections and semi-hairless. He settled immediately into his Final Refuge home, happy to join their group of dogs and loving attention from the 10-year-old girl who sometimes naps with him. (Lounging on the couch and taking walks are also high on his list.) His family and vet started working on his rehab and now his ear infection has cleared up, he has put on some weight, all his sore spots and bald spots are gone and he has stopped itching. His hair is growing back and even his tail has hair. The other dogs have acknowledged him as a senior and give him the respect due to him. He is like the grandpa in their home now. Best of all, he is loved and appreciated and a very happy old man. Just what we want!

Update:  After more than two years in his ODH home, Grandpa Beasley came to the end of his road.   He was much loved by all and his kitty will miss him almost as much as his people.

Beasley chow & kitty-WR2